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Kick-Off Week: July 19-23
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Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement
Through a diverse community of learners, the Pueblo Counseling Department cultivates a culture of academic excellence and high expectations in a safe, supportive environment.

The Pueblo Counseling Department believes that:
  • All students can learn
  • All students are exposed to a global and inclusive mentality
  • The school community deserves to have the best quality counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social needs of its students
  • All students have a purpose and supports the post-secondary plan they choose to pursue

Mission Statement
The Pueblo School Counseling Department prepares all students for life by supporting their academic, career, and personal/social development.

Get To Know Your Counselor

Updated: 6/26/21

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Appointments by Phone/Zoom only at this time.


Pueblo has guidance counselors and college & career coordinator to assist with high school planning, career choices, information on colleges, scholarships, financial aid, or the special programs and activities that are made available during the year. Also available is the student Family Assistance Team with a social worker to help Pueblo's families.


Our Counselors

Miranda Luna
Class of 2025 & Academy Freshmen
Contact Miranda Luna By Email
 Book Virtual Appointment
Appointments by Phone/Zoom only

Kimberly Lamadrid

Class of 2024 & Academy Sophomores
Contact Kimberly Lamadrid By Email
Google Voice 623-252-2347 (Call or Text)
 Book Virtual Appointment
Appointments by Phone/Zoom only

Pati Mapp

Class of 2023 & Academy Juniors
Contact Pati Mapp By Email
Google Voice 520-222-8903 (Call or Text)
 Book Virtual Appointment
Appointments by Phone/Zoom only

Dr. Teresa Toro
Dr. Teresa Toro

Class of 2022 & Academy Seniors
Contact Teresa Toro By Email
Google Voice 520-314-7151 (Call or Text)
 Book Virtual Appointment
Appointments by Phone/Zoom only


Schedule Change Request

Updated: 9/14/20

 Schedule Change Request

Making a schedule change request and completing this form does not guarantee that the request will be approved.

This form needs to be used after the first 15 days of each semester.

College & Career Center

Roberto Cruze

Roberto Cruze
Contact Roberto Cruze By Email
College & Career Readiness Coordinator
 Book Virtual Appointment
Appointments by Phone/Zoom only

Text Alerts
Get alerts on college & university visitations!
Text code to 81010:
University of Arizona: @UAAPPLY
Arizona State University: @ASUAPPLY
Northern Arizona University: @NAUAPPLY
Grand Canyon University: @GCUAPPLY
All others: @OOSAPPLY

Virtual Tours
University of Arizona
Northern Arizona University
Arizona State University
Grand Canyon University
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University
More Virtual Tours


Updated: 2/16/21

 Counseling Master Calendar 2020-2021
 Action For Happiness Calendars 

 FAFSA Worksheet (English & Spanish)

Timelines & Resources
 Schedule Changes Policy
 Pueblo Graduation Requirements
 Senior Timeline
 Guide For Seniors
 Junior Timeline
 Sophomore Timeline
 Freshmen Timeline
 Tips For Freshmen

ACT Prep
 Shmoop ACT Prep

Letters Of Recommendation
 10 Tips For Recommenders
 Tips For Letters Of Recommendation

Take the time to fill out your Brag Sheet and Student Profile for Scholarship Application & Letters of Recomendation! It takes a few minutes...
 Fill Out Student Profile
 Community Service List & Log (Updated 2/16/21)


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