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Give To PHS

What You Need To Know...

Updated:  6/28/17 

Dear Pueblo Family,

Do you pay Arizona State taxes?  Wouldn't you prefer that up to $400.00 of your state taxes go directly to Pueblo High School Athletic and Fine Arts programs instead of to the state of Arizona? If so, read on. 

The State of Arizona allows taxpayers to make a donation up to $400.00 directly to schools for programs that require a participation fee. In return, taxpayers were given a dollar for dollar credit on their state tax liability. 

Several of our coaches and sponsors take advantage of this great opportunity and get their friends, families, and some members of the community to make donations to Pueblo. Our school has benefited greatly from these donations. The money has been used to pay for such things as equipment, uniforms and travel expenses for many of our fine arts students and athletes. 

Obviously, this was a wonderful source of additional income that had a positive impact on the quality of our programs. 

We would like to ask you to consider helping our students again this year by making a donation. Please download the forms and read the documents that explain how the tax credit works. Feel free to make copies of these documents for your families and friends. 

Anyone that pays taxes in the State of Arizona is allowed to make a donation to Pueblo. They do not need to have a student at the school. 

If you have any questions, please call 520.225.4402. 

Thank you,
Pueblo High School

Give Today

Give Kids The Extra Credit

Maximum Deductible Amounts

$200 - Single
$200 - Married filing separately
$400 - Married filing jointly

Make a secured credit card donation here:
 Online Donation 

TUSD Secure Pay

Please make sure to select Pueblo High School from the dropdown list & specify which sport or club.

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