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Kick-Off Week: July 19-23
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AVID Program

What's AVID?

Updated: 8/15/18

AVID Program

Our mission is to provide students in the academic middle access to four year colleges. We work to provide students the resources they need to ensure success in academics and beyond”


What do we do in AVID?

  • Learn with tutors and peers
  • Strengthen critical thinking skills
  • Encourage self resillience
  • Visit College Campuses!
  • Prepare for college and careers

AVID Student Goals:

  • Access to college students/tutors
  • Applying for College
  • Applying for Internships
  • Applying for Scholarships
  • Building a professional portfolio


  • Curricular Support
  • Elective Class (credit) solely focused on rigor
  • Gain full understanding of course work
  • Develop study organization, goal setting, and time management skills
  • Access to college students- On campus tutors

AVID helps teachers tap into the way students naturally like to learn”

Contact Us

Lyndsey Bojorquez
Lyndsey Bojorquez


Celisa Ramirez
Celisa Ramirez

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