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Updated: 8/8/20

On behalf of the Faculty & Staff at Pueblo, we would like to congratulate the Class of 2021 along with their family and friends! Commencement represents more than an end to your student's years at Pueblo; it marks the exciting beginning of his or her professional life. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus for the big day in May, and to seeing this year's graduates go on to make their marks in the world. Once a Warrior... Always A Warrior!

Event Admission
You DO NOT need a ticket to enter the Commencement Ceremony. Our Ceremony is open to all family and friends of our graduates. All guests are asked to cooperate with school officials throughout the ceremony in order to maintain a safe and orderly environment.

In the event of severe weather, Commencement Ceremony will be moved to Lever Gym. The gym has limited space and each graduate will only be allowed FIVE guests each. ALL Guests MUST have a Rain Ticket in order to enter Lever Gym. Download the following documents for instructions:

 Entrance Information & Map

Parking is limited and fills up very quick. Be cautious as you enter and leave the parking lot. If you must park off campus, please obey all traffic signs and regulations. Make sure to lock your car and don't leave any valuables. Tucson Police will be on hand to direct traffic.

TUSD, Pueblo, businesses or churches will not be responsible for any damages of vehicles or personal property parked at any site around campus.

Handicap Parking & Seating
The parking lot behind the grandstand is reserved for handicap guests. A special ticket is required to enter through Gate #4 off 16th Avenue. The handicap seating section is in front of the grandstand. Download Entrance Information & Map for more details. (Space is limited)

Severe Weather Plan
Graduation is usually attended by more than 3,000 people. In the event of severe weather, we will move ceremony to Lever Gym. Our gym will only accommodate approximately 1,600 people. Unfortunately, we will need to be very strict with the use of rain tickets in order to limit the number of people that are admitted.

We will only make this decision as a worst case scenario based on current weather conditions prior to graduation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these plans to protect our graduates and families in the event of severe weather.

Total Graduates By Class


Class of 2020: 327


Class of 2019: 318
Class of 2018: 285
Class of 2017: 265
Class of 2016: 246
Class of 2015: 252
Class of 2014: 197
Class of 2013: 216
Class of 2012: 258
Class of 2011: 314
Class of 2010: 320


Class of 2009: 290
Class of 2008: 268
Class of 2007: 298
Class of 2006: 252
Class of 2005: 261
Class of 2004: 306
Class of 2003: 269
Class of 2002: 239
Class of 2001: 219
Class of 2000: 270 


Class of 1999: 251 
Class of 1998: 267
Class of 1997: 239
Class of 1996: 276
Class of 1995: 273
Class of 1994: 252
Class of 1993: 310
Class of 1992: 389
Class of 1991: 285
Class of 1990: 350


Class of 1989: 336 
Class of 1988: 267
Class of 1987: 257
Class of 1986: 288
Class of 1985: 327
Class of 1984: 287
Class of 1983: 296
Class of 1982: 312
Class of 1981: 320
Class of 1980: 315 


Class of 1979: 294 
Class of 1978: 419
Class of 1977: 352
Class of 1976: 352
Class of 1975: 356
Class of 1974: 333
Class of 1973: 360
Class of 1972: 358
Class of 1971: 350
Class of 1970: 498 


Class of 1969: 484 
Class of 1968: 472
Class of 1967: 451
Class of 1966: 477
Class of 1965: 388
Class of 1964: 371
Class of 1963: 336
Class of 1962: 308
Class of 1961: 305
Class of 1960: 265 


Class of 1959: 225 
Class of 1958: 194
Class of 1957: 180


Pueblo Opened On

Monday, April 2, 1956

Event Details

When: Thursday, May 27, 2021

Where: Lou Farber Field (Stadium)

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Program: Available at Main Entrance

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