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Kick-Off Week: July 19-23
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Pueblo Guitar Festival


Event Details

Updated: 1/12/20

Pueblo Guitar will host their 3rd Annual Guitar Festival the week of January 13-24, 2020!

Monday, January 13
1st Period: Vargas Pedal Demo
2nd Period: Vargas Pedal Demo
3rd Period: SeanLoui
5th Period: Gordon Groves
6th Period: Mute Swan
7th Period: PELT

Tuesday, January 14
2nd Period: Naim Amor
3rd Period: Leigh Lesho
5th Period: Freddy Parish
6th Period: Steff Koeppen
7th Period: M. Crane

Wednesday, January 15
2nd Period: Halsero
6th Period: Soda Sun

Thursday, January 16
1st Period: Communal
3rd Period: Electric Witch
5th Period: Brian Lopez
7th Period: Street Blues Family

Friday, January 17
1st Period: George Ramirez
2nd Period: George Ramirez
4th Period: Nuevo Impacto
5th Period: Tongs
6th Period: The Rifle

* Schedule subject to change.

Enroll In Pueblo Guitar

Want to learn how to play guitar?

Contact Mr. Johny Vargas in Room 141.

Johny Vargas

2020 Pueblo Guitar Festival

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